Library Service

The Sierra States University library is located on the main floor. Library hours are currently through Thursday from 8:30AM to 9:00PM and Friday from 8:30AM to 5:00PM during weekdays. Times are posted outside of the Library entrance. The Sierra States University library contains a wide variety of resource materials for student use in addition to computer stations with Wi-Fi Internet access, and study tables.  The library contains in excess of 15,000 volumes in addition to online resources.  Students may use textbooks, dictionaries, encyclopedias newspapers, and periodicals to research topics inside and outside of class and stay abreast of current events and industry trends.  We have a professional librarian who is available to assist you with learning resources and data search.  In addition, we also provide quiet places to study in our on-campus library. 


Student Library Rules of Conduct

To maintain a professional atmosphere, please keep and maintain student library rules of conduct rules while using the library:

  1. Accept assigned duties and responsibilities.
  2. An act of dishonesty is the most serious violation of student conduct.
  3. Cheating is the unauthorized use of study aids, examination files, and other related materials and receiving unauthorized assistance during any academic exercise.
  4. Demonstrate a well-rounded personality and professional competence while completing their graduation requirements.
  5. Demonstrate initiative and productivity.
  6. Demonstrate sensitivity, compassion and a caring attitude towards your peers and patients.
  7. Demonstrate strong ethical character.
  8. Fabrication is the falsification or invention of any information in an academic setting.
  9. Food or drink is NOT permitted in the classrooms, unless exception is granted by a member of management.
  10. Maintain professional grooming and personal hygiene at all times. 
  11. Rules of conduct are based on the California Administrative Code.
  12. Treat people as you would like to be treated.


Violation of the rules of conduct present in the catalog may lead to dismissal from the School and/or probation.  All disciplinary matters will come before the administration, which will review the complaint, interview the person(s) involved and make a determination of the action.  Results may include: dismissal of the charge, dismissal of the student, probation or suspension for a specified period of time.  The finding will become part of the student’s permanent file, possibly affecting a recommendation from the School. The School reserves the right to dismiss any student for whom it feels continuation would be a detriment to the student, fellow students and/or the School.


Should the students desire additional access to library collections, the nearest Public Library is located at 1030 S. Alvarado Street Los Angeles, CA 90006.  The hours are currently Monday and Wednesday from 10AM to 8:000PM and Tuesday and Thursday from 12:00PM to 8PM. and Friday and Saturday from 9:30AM to 5:30PM. To search for other Los Angeles locations, try this link: